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Experience Capture Studio


Experience Capture Studio (ECS) is our latest product offering. ECS offers a fully integrated video with note-taking and reporting experience in one simple to use application. We have taken the strength of our flagship software LiveLogger and combined it with new functionality including multiple camera views and integration with a video editor and "live event flagging" feature.

Experience Capture Studio lets you quickly set up our portable usability labs and begin usability test sessions immediately. Reporting is conducted in real-time, giving you instant results and data that can be manipulated further at a later time (Excel and Word document output).


  1. Auto-save: don't lose any work, never (well almost never). Auto-save works to write all data to your project file to prevent accidental data loss.
  2. Layered Note-taking: Go back and add real-time event logging to live recorded observations. 
  3. Integrated Video/Note-taking: Observations, comments and events are flagged on video recording for easy retrieval.
  4. Easy video clip creation/export: Jump from reporting to video high-light areas for review or clip export.
  5. Fully Customizable: Records most popular usability test metrics (confusion, error, highlight) but additional events can be added for capture.
  6. All digital: No proprietary files, easy export to Microsoft Excel, Word, WMP files for manipulation later.

LiveLogger Box


Note: LiveLogger is no longer supported and is free for academic or non-profit use. Contact us for this opportunity.

LiveLogger is a specialized software application used during a live usability test for logging user events and behaviors. Confusions, errors, time on task, success rates and video highlights are logged in real-time and a report compiled to give test facilitators immediate situation awareness. Perfect for ramping up new teams or building out iterative usability testing practices into your shortened development cycles.  


  • Simplified data capture interface
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Reports are analyzed in real-time- no additional time to analyze data
  • No complex coding schemes (rarely used in practical experience)
  • Time stamped events (Errors, Confusions, Video Highlights)
  • Free-form observational logging (with a WYSIWYG editor)
  • Microsoft Windows based (download and run locally from your PC or laptop)
  • Export logged user observations to Word
  • Export logged user performance (statistics) to Excel

Real-time Logging

  • Centralizes your notes in one interface (with open export to Word for analysis later)
  • Time-stamps key events automatically
  • Logs all activities
  • Time on task automated to allow for focus on user observation
  • Simple task performance recording (Gets it; Doesn't Get it; Thinks Got it)

Real-time Reporting

  • Allows for quick analysis of results (during or after a test)
  • Filters by Task or User performance
  • Shows overall time on task averages
  • Shows how many errors and confusions users commit per task
  • Customize user names and task descriptions that are viewable during logging and reporting (screen not shown).
  • Saves you additional time and/or eliminates Excel spreadsheet analysis.

Designed for and by usability practitioners for use in corporate settings. More information: sales [at] usabilitylabrental [dot] com or 1-800-978-9183